About Us

Our mission is to optimize the utilization of best evidence knowledge at the point of care.

BEC Clinical Content



We leverage our team of emergency nurses and physicians’ experience to help emergency departments become more productive, provide higher quality care, and reduce the occurrence of errors.We support the early adoption of best evidence clinical content through the innovative use of charting solutions that are intuitive and fun to use.

We facilitate lifelong learning and clinical research to improve health outcomes.

Who we are

Founded in 1999, BEC Emergency Systems has developed clinical content that has improved care for over a million patients.

BEC’s CEO, Dr. Gary Bota, is a graduate of McMaster University Medical School and the UCLA Emergency Medicine residency program. With over 30 years of emergency medicine experience including 18 years as medical director of a regional referral ED, Dr. Bota understands the importance of providing solutions that support the efforts of busy emergency nurses and physicians

Our content is the result of 25 years of research and ongoing development by a team of emergency nurses and physicians.

Publications by team members have appeared in Academic Emergency Medicine, Annals of Emergency Medicine, Canadian Medical Association Journal, the Canadian Journal of Public Health and JAMA among others. Team members have also contributed to the Cochrane Collaboration.