The BEC System

BEC  = Comprehensive, evidence-based clinical content specifically designed for emergency department nurses and physicians.

Two main products BEC Charts and BEC Clinical Content – you choose.

BEC Charts

  •  250+ age, gender and complaint specific nursing and physician paper charts.
  • Designed to match your workflow – print out of EMR after triage, print after eTRIAGE or download as needed from cloud.
  • Up to date clinical content.
  • Fast, accurate, legible completion of documentation.

How BEC Charts Work.

Standard charts let nurses and doctors record vital patient information.

BEC Charts add complaint-specific histories and structure for faster charting, and, the best evidence-based clinical decision support to improve patient care.

Using BEC Charts is Simple

1. The patient’s age, gender, and primary complaint is selected.

Either the triage nurse, the ED nurse, or the ED physician can select the patient’s age, gender, and primary complaint, and this can be done in either your EMR or our front end.

2. Patient-specific nurse and physician charts are printed.

Pulling information from your information system, charts are printed for the nurse and physician.  Each chart has appropriate vital signs, history questions, and clinical decision support included.

Charts may be customized to ensure you collect the data you need.

3. Charting is completed 

We know that not every practitioner thinks the same way.  BEC Charts allow practitioners to chart as they prefer, using structure to speed up their existing workflow.

BEC Charts allow charting to be faster, safer, more complete, and legible without interfering in nurses’ and physicians’ workflow.

BEC Clinical Content

  • All the clinical content required to electronically complete any visit.
  • Nursing notes, physician notes including clinical decision support, procedure notes, results reporting and differential diagnoses.
  • Up to date content designed to upload into your ED Clin Doc module.

Integrates seamlessly iBetter evidence means better carento your EMR

BEC Clinical Content can be imported into your existing EMR, allowing electronic charting that is faster and safer.

BEC Clinical Content promotes evidence-based decisions and care. Our comprehensive, evidence-based clinical content is specifically designed for emergency department nurses and physicians. Content includes all of the material required to electronically complete any visit.