HSN Screens for Ebola Using Specialized Charts

Sudbury Hospital’s Emergency Doctors Have Public Health Guidelines Directly on Patient Charts

Sudbury, Ontario:  Emergency department doctors at Health Sciences North have an extra tool as they screen patients for possible exposure to the Ebola virus.  When patients who have travelled internationally arrive at the Sudbury hospital with a fever, doctors use a specialized medical chart to record their notes.  This chart includes the latest guidance from Ontario Public Health to help physicians provide the best possible care.

Health Sciences North uses charts developed and maintained by BEC Emergency Systems.  According to Dr. Bota, founder and CEO of BEC Emergency Systems, including guidance on medical charts reduces the possibility of medical errors: “By adding medical evidence to emergency department charts, doctors have decision aides available at the point of care.  This makes it easier for emergency physicians to correctly remember medical evidence without limiting their ability to use their experience and judgement.”

Health Sciences North has been using evidence-based charts for 15 years, and this tool is credited with saving doctors 30 minutes of charting time every shift and with increasing patient safety.

In light of the ongoing Ebola crisis, BEC Emergency Systems, which maintains Health Science North’s charts, is making its International Traveller Chart available to all Canadian hospitals.  To receive the latest chart, hospitals should contact BEC Emergency Systems at contact@becemergsys.com.  The chart may also be downloaded by medical professionals at charts.becemergsys.com/suspectedebola/.


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